Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is the World Getting Better or Worse?


  1. Technology (the application of science--this is the easiest to see the rapid change in.  Technology is exponentially advancing by an order of magnitude every few years.  This should inspire and give us hope about the future's bright prospects.
  2. Morality--We are becoming increasingly moral.  First we were only 'nice' to family, then tribe, then nation, then race, then species and now we have people like PETA that fight for other species rights.  Watch this wonderful link for more info.  Steven Pinker is f-cking brilliant:
  3. Sciences
    • Evolution--organisms are right now creatively adapting and innovating new ways to thrive.  That's reason enough to preserve the rainforest--just so that the innovation continues!!!
    • Physics--how awesome is it that we humans are willing to spend 9 billion dollars on an experiment called the Large Hadron Collider to see how the heck elemental particles are/work.  Furthermore, fusion experiments are already super heating particles to 60 million degrees!  That's the first steps toward a fusion reactor!  Woo!
    • Cosmology--we're constantly finding new planets like ours that might hold life and tantalizing mysteries like dark energy and matter that are just waiting to be cracked!
    • Fill in your favorite field of science!


  1. Environmental destruction--'nough said there.
  2. Culture?  Or is it?  What part is getting worse?  Or, do people object that it is simply because it's changing?  If morality and technology are getting better, two of the largest facets of culture, how can we say culture is getting worse?  Perhaps we could say religion is poisoning culture.  Religion's (a possible synonym with ignorance?) numbers are expanding and their seems to be an impending future clash between secularism and Islam.  Maybe not, though.

What do you think?  Am I missing something?  Doesn't it look like there's more to be hopeful about than depressed?  O, who am I kidding.  I'm a hopeless optimist.  Please do contribute your thoughts to the above, though.


  1. Environment - We need to establish what population size is sustainable and do something about it. I am thinking 1-2 G. The new Scientific American has 9 limits to the environment but doesn't try to tie any of them to population.

  2. Mandatory restrictions or continuing education/planned parenting?
    Interesting to not that China just repealed their one child law...


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