Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Inflatable Animals

No reason.  I just think this is neat.  Enjoy.

Swallowtail Caterpillars
  • Purpose - defense.  They're stinky.

Primates Rumps
  • Purpose - it's sexy...apparently.  And, it lets the guys know you're ready for some lovin'.  
    • Thank the stars that we evolved away from this.  Can you imagine all the 'lip stick' and implants some women would get?  I shudder at the thought...

black crested macaque

hamadryas baboon
Stalk-eyed fly
  • Purpose - to show off to the ladies.

Wear a brain diaper for this:

Hooded Seal
  • Purpose - sexiness
Don't even try to figure it out.  It's the inside of one of his nostrils.

*** You must see this to believe it.  Unreal.   Surreal.  Really real.
ARKive - Hooded seal video - Cystophora cristata - 12

Frigate bird
  • Purpose - sexiness

    Tragopan bird
    • Purpose -what else? Sexiness

    Greater Sage Grouse

    • Purpose - sexiness.

    • Purpose - resonate croaks for...what else?  Sexiness

    Puffer fishes
    • Purpose - be too big and spiky to eat.

    • Purpose - gorge
    This is so disgusting I have vivid memories from watching it years ago:

    Swell shark
    • Purpose - become a mouthful.
    • Purpose - they're hungry

    Longer, awesomer, David Attenborougher, also pit viper:

    Even gators like to wear snake skin

    • Purpose - camo and to look intimidating

    • Purpose - internal fertilization
    I'll limit myself to one that is just too ducking great to pass up posting.
      17 inches

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      1. I have no idea how I ran into this blog, but this is amazing...and hilarious. Nature's wonders indeed.


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