Monday, April 25, 2011

How to Love the Truth

  • Seek It 
    • Be curious 
      • Indulge your curiosity 
      • Be around curious people 
      • Google your questions 
      • Read 
      • Go the library 
      • Ask experts/friends 
    • Trust 
      • Senses - They are good enough to drive with. 
      • Mind - It is good enough to get man to the moon. 
      • Experts - They're scared enough of losing their job that they relatively have their shtuff together. 
    • Doubt 
      • Authority - Beware of hegemony, self promotion and parasitic self replicating memes. 
      • Tradition - Question the status quo.  Those that don't learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them.
      • Self - There are many, many, many things that you are wrong about. Don't add to that list by being wrong about being wrong 
  • Defend It 
    • Argue with people--civilly. Truth is discovered communally. A community of people exchanging ideas like a super network of neurons firing back and forth to each other. The world community is one big brain (and the internet is the synapses:)). We're smarter together. 
  • Proclaim It 
    • Start conversations: Bring up important subjects. Go beyond small talk. Talk big. 
    • Preserve truth in writing: Make it so you and others can come back to that thought after it's faded or been forgotten.  Why aren't you blogging?  Srsly.

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