Saturday, June 19, 2010

Link: Evolution's Destiny - "The Future Is Wild"

I don't really think this is where evolution is headed. But it is interesting.

If humans don't ruin everything here's are some possible trends: bilateralality (flowers are heading that direction and animals, too. This shows a functionality of organ distribution), symbiotic relationships (bacteria, fungus, protists, and especially with photosynthesizers. Imagine if photosynthesis could happen with animals! Think of a sloth that photosynesized [you know how they have algae in their fur and all? bingo!]), increased niching (very specific eating habits), increased flexibility (that's what our brain gave us the ability--the ability to survive drastic climate changes and the accompanying diet shifts), possible increased intelligence, awesome camo and color changing, warmbloodedness, really, really complex social hierarchies and social structures...What else? It's okay to be wrong! Have fun speculating!!!

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