Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thoughts On Moving

So, I'm moving to Tallahassee, FL.  Here are some thoughts that whisk about my mind on the subject of moving (and more specifically my transition in life trajectories).

"Moving isn't so much about choosing where you want to be as much as it is choosing who you want to be."  --my eldest brother, Mercer Dalzel Walton III
"Life is like an 'X'.  As you travel up the two bottom legs of the 'X' you narrow down your choices of what you want to do with your life until you come to a single point, a juncture and a decision about what to do.  Is that the end?  O, no!  From there the reverse happens and the possibilities inverse so that soon the various paths open up and your choices increasingly expand." - paraphrase of Charlie Behrens
"If you want to hit a home run you have to lean into it.  Lean into it!"  --Me somehow using an analogy from a game I've never play or watched
"Fiscally high risk bonds, even though they may fluctuate volatilely, will over the long term yield the highest rewards.  If you can hold on through the bucks of the bronco, long term you will be better off.  Playing safe, long term, doesn't pay off."  --paraphrase of Sean Cooper   
"I find myself making major life decisions based on this matrix: if my life were a movie, is this how I'd want it to play out?...I really have no idea if that's a smart way of living or making major decisions, but I can't seem to help it!  Relationships, career goals, vacations, living situations, all major decisions I seem to base my thoughts off how it would read or what kind of movie it'd make from another's perspective!  What does that say about me!?  Or, my entertainment driven culture!?"  --Me reflecting on my major life decisions

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