Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blind Cave/Subterranean Dwellers - Ancestor's Resemblance

Enjoy the pix!

This guy above has these gel covered 'hairs' that are super sensitive to movement allowing it to 'see' the surroundings via vibrations.

See!  The eye sockets are still there, but they don't do anything!!
I just thought these below were interesting.  They're the skulls of blind snakes.  As an aside, I was lucky enough to see a blind snake in Namibia when I was curious enough to turn over the right rock.

Texas blind salamander
Kauai cave wolf spider 
Here's the conclusion: blind cave/subterranean dwellers are marvelous examples of evolution in that they show history.  We are all descendants of a common ancestor and the evidence of our evolutionary history is on and in every part of us.  Just like you resemble your parents, so do these examples resemble their millions of years ago ancestors who had eyes that worked.  Some of them even have some new tricks up their sleeves, like the ones with motion sensor hairs.

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