Saturday, February 6, 2010

Landscaping--Evolutionary Penchant

Steven Pinker, evolutionary psychologist god, pointed out something I never thought of--the inordinate amount of money that we spend on landscaping, potted plants, flowers, living/traveling to scenic vistas could be evolutionarily selected for.  Those that cared about plants, agriculture or lush, productive forests, lived.

I've often thought about this with my love of the water.  I can stare out the ocean, a river, a lake for an eternity.   It's calming, irenic and soul pacifying.  Why?  Maybe, just maybe because our ancestors that lived near water survived better than those that it had no effect upon.

Your consciousness not only likes it, but so do your genes.

I seem to end all my blogs this way, but that's fucking brilliant.  I love it.

Titans conversing: Dawkins interviews Pinker that involved this discussion-->

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