Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why Biology is Important

I'm biased.  I know.  But, hopefully you'll be a little more convinced after this.

Biology is the 'Queen of the Sciences' (formerly a designation for Theology during the Middle Ages).  Think of it like this, quantum mechanics and physics serve chemistry and chemistry serves biology.  It lies at the pinnacle of the sciences, the top of the pyramid.

Not only that, but all other fields of study--the humanities, literature, art, sociology, psychology, etc. are nothing but the fruition of human biology.

Biology alone stands between the gap as the culmination of the sciences and the creator of the humanities.

Pretty neat, huh?  Makes you want to learn more about biology, doesn't it?

If that wasn't enough, here are some other reasons to love and learn biology:

Medical-- we need biology to understand and care for the body, both our own and our loved ones.  In 1984, in Linda Loma, California, Leonard Bailey, MD, implanted a baboon heart into a 12-day-old girl who came to be known as "Baby Fae."  She died after twenty days.  When the doctor was asked why a baboon heart, being evolutionarily distant, and not a chimpanzee the doctor replied that he didn't believe in evolution and hadn't considered that as a factor.

Evolutionary Psychology--we need biology to understand our mind--why you and your loved ones act/think/feel the way you do.

Existential Explanatory Function--we need biology to understand our origins--who you are and where you came from.

Morality--we need biology to understand our actions--how did we get moral sentiments, what principles should guide our life, etc.

Conservation--we need biology to understand our world and how to protect our future offsprings world.  There is a largely one to one ratio between those that disbelieve in evolution, think the world is 6k years old ad those that question global warming.

Economic - America ranks dreadfully low in science education and our economy suffers because of a denial of evolution.

Other sciences - denying evolution and the age of the Earth likewise attacks geology, astronomy, psychology, genetics, oceanography, plate tectonics, physics and every other science.

Fascination--we need biology to understand our 'relatives'--other organisms and the manifold beauty they manifest--the weird, the wild, and the wonderful.


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