Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pleasure Matrix

Below is something that I've been toying with.  I don't know a good application for it yet, but I think it's interesting.  It should be said before hand that this is not absolute by any stretch of the imagination, and can vary from day to day and person by person.  Don't think of them as distinct boxes, but clouds.  Also, the arrangement is quite subjective and I could very easily be persuaded to arrange it otherwise.

I think its value could come in getting us to think towards how we can maximize our "greater" pleasures (longer term, greater intensity) and stop exchanging the "lesser" for the "greater."

High Longevity
Low Longevity
High IntensityRelationship pleasure-fulfillment, generosity, altruism, love, hopeGoal achievement pleasureSensory pleasure--sex, food, music, aromas

Self-expression pleasures-art
Power based pleasure--revenge,
Low Intensity
Work pleasure/"A job well done"safety and security pleasure

Top Left--Identity contingent--from within--conscience driven
Top Right--Situationally contingent--from without--carnally driven

Other notes concerning the above:

Power is a type relationship.
It's interesting to think about the possible difference between men's and women's pleasure matrixes.  Women: more relational/safety.  Men: more power, work driven.

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